Sunday, May 26, 2013

Springing Along

 This Spring has been flowing quite quickly, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.  The photo above is of my newest sculpture "Sunny Mama" carved in orange calcite.  When the sunlight shines through her she is translucent and glows! Beneath is "Basking" carved in Aurora marble inspired by our Bearded Dragon.  The fascinating camouflage patterns in this stone were perfect for a lizard!
 I saved pieces from carving the big calcite sculpture for carving amulets like this owl I made custom order.  I found out some of the healing properties of the stone are helpful mentally and gives a boost to intuition.  I actually carved a rabbit one as well which I have been wearing to help me heal.
 I've been carving other necklaces such as this grouping which include a couple of mermaid types which were on my mind probably because my friend's journey taking a Mermaids Circus art class, her blog is enchantedblueplanet.blogspot.com
 The trilliums have been lovely white, red, and pinks of all shades.  Though they are not in their prime anymore they are still worth a snapshot like this bright pink one I saw in my woods.
 In my last post I had some process shots of the urn I was making.  Here is the finished piece.  It turned out quite organic and really lovely to touch.  Carved in local dolomite, the ashes are placed inside from the bottom which has a round wooden plate which is screwed into inserts in the stone.  The whole experience has been very powerful and it was such an honour to meet the family who commissioned the piece. I am touched to have been able to provide this for them.
Well with only a few weeks before it's officially summer I will continue to carve stones, garden along, and probably still write the odd song. Till next time! Enjoy the rest of Spring and the Summer Solstice!


  1. Elise dear, I'm so happy to see your latest work. Each and every one delight me. I have a particular fondness for the bearded dragon; I think the matching of it to the stone is brilliant. He makes me smile. And the mermaids are delightful! It thrills me to see what comes out of your imagination. And I'm ready for another song whenever you are :D !

  2. Thank you so much!

    I have put my latest songs up on soundcloud rather than youtube .... try going here to hear:

    I always appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement!